Thursday, December 31, 2015

Model Search Manila is an online venue where models and aspiring models can gain the chance of being noticed by the decision makers in the big city of Manila.  Oftentimes, a model's talent remains undiscovered and untapped, confined to the limits of their province because of a lack of guidance on where to start and who to approach.

Starting the journey to breaking out in Manila begins right here.

Sign up for an account at and post your pics.  You instantly have an online portfolio which can be easily viewed by the decision makers, photographers, fashion designers, and other industry players.

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Important Note for Models:

8/2/11 :

Please add info on your profile so that photographers and decision makers may know more about your modeling experience.

6/12/11 :

The best way to send us your pics will still be via email at .
Use this format on the subject line :

City : Name ( i.e., Cebu : Jane de la Cruz )

5/22/11 :

Important Note for Models

Important note for models who post images on our Facebook wall :  Kindly tag your photographer in the image. If they are not yet a friend of ModelSearch Manila, please suggest us as a friend.  Thanks!

*By posting your pictures on our wall, the model expressly agrees to have secured permission from the photographer that the image(s) shall be used in such manner.  Model shall indemnify Model Search Manila from any claims of remuneration by the photographer for use of the image(s).  Model shall be fully responsible for securing permission for use of image from the photographer.


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